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Training Choices 


The Rossow Group offers over 40 years of combined professional training experience that continues to provide the elevated level of instruction our clients expect.  Whether your organization would like one of our core classes or requires us to develop custom modules you can depend on a superior learning experience for every attendee.  

Core Classes

The Rossow Group began it's services focused on the professional training of policing agencies across the United States.  From small local agencies to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, we have taught, encouraged and motivated professionals across the nation who give their lives to the service of protecting the people of their community.  

Custom Training

There are many organizations across the country that have precise needs and The Rossow Group can help you meet them.  We are an agency that believes in completely understanding the inner workings of your business and helping you develop the right training course to bring your employees to the next level.  Custom training for organizations across many industries is available.

Keynote Speaking

With decades of professional public speaking experience The Rossow Group has delivered keynote presentations to both law enforceent agencies and other professional groups.  Our instructors combine both historical events and current day issues with a twist of humor that provides an entertaining yet inspiring and motivational experience that each attendee can take with them.  


Sometimes getting everyone involved is the best way to provide a comprehensive learning experience to your team.  The Rossow Group can help you define a goal, plan for the appropriate attendees, choose the right location and create an agenda that will engage everyone involved. 

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