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           COMBAT ETHICS


Ethical Challenges Exist.  Agencies and Individuals Face Them Everyday.  There Is More Career Risk From Ethical Decision Making Than Any Other Factor.  Get Your Staff the Tools to Address These Difficult Issues.


Is your department fully prepared to handle an "Officer Involved Shooting"?  If you don't have policies, procedures, a shooting review team and investigators that are trained in these types of incidents, then you as administrators, supervisors, investigators and trainers are exposing yourself and your agency to unnecessary liability.



During these trying times, we need to remember the importance of our membership in a noble profession. Regardless of what is going on politically and economically, warriors continue to be courageous, selfless, and pay the ultimate sacrifice for our communities. We fight the good fight, no matter what! 

This two-day program will call for personnel at every level to think more critically about their leadership role within their organization. When someone decides to enter public safety, they have decided they want to be leaders in their community. The very nature of their profession makes them leaders; they deal with chaos and bring order and they go out in the community with the intent of making it a better place to work and raise a family.
The Rossow Group continues to stay on top of the most relevant topics of our time.  Our profession requires consistent training on a variety of topics that affect us regularly.  Contact us today to find out if one of our experienced and talented instructors are available to help bring your agency up to speed on the issues that face them daily.