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Timothy P.  Wiley, M.P.A.

Empower frontline public information officers to successfully navigate media
relations through shared professional experiences and advanced media training
methods to deliver effective internal and external messaging strategies, policy
considerations, and public speaking techniques.


Professional Skills
Capable of working in high-stress environments requiring attention to detail and
collaborative engagement with external partner organizations. Able to identify critical information for potential internal and external distribution, develop it into an appropriate and effective written or oral message which promotes responsiveness and transparency through traditional and social networking platforms.

Identify inefficiencies within an organization and work with a multidisciplinary
group of professionals to develop strategic policy solutions that are structured to
support operational effectiveness. Highly organized, self-motivated and dedicated with a positive attitude and commitment of professionalism.

Consistently exceeds deadlines, attentive to detail, thorough, able to effectively communicate and handle multitasking during high pressured situations. Proficient with a multitude of electronic communication platforms and digital data management applications, software, including PC and Mac based operating systems, as well as, local, state and federal crime reporting software. Versatile with a spectrum of computer hardware devices designed for the storage, processing or transmitting of digital information.


Director-Advanced sUAS Systems | Airspace Security Programs Gresco Technology Solutions-Forsyth, GA.

Scott Ferguson, Sr. Vice President, Gresco Utility Supply, Inc., 770-601-3968

Deliver innovative enterprise solutions to public safety, electric utility, commercial industrial, and transportation agencies through adoption of unmanned robotic solutions that increase mission efficiency, effectiveness, and safety standards.

Associate Director-University Police and Security Services
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS)



I/Director of Public Safety-Chief of Police University of Michigan-Dearborn, Department of Police and Public Safety
Eddie L. Washington Jr., DPSS Executive Director, University of Michigan 517-202-8170
Served as the Deputy Police Chief at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and served as the Interim Police Chief during a critical time of transition. Appointed to serve as an Associate Director, at DPSS in Ann Arbor, in USS and was assigned to lead and support various projects such as the U-M Detroit Center physical security implementation, the drone mitigation program, federal Clery
compliance and to serve as the DPSS enterprise policy advisor. Direct public safety planning, procedures, and training related to emergency preparedness, with attention given to emergency communications from public safety, response, investigation, and follow-up. Initiate, lead, and manage campus-wide police, security, and safety programs to include traffic control, parking lot enforcement, and patrolling of physical property; enforcement of statutes and University regulations; crime prevention and investigation of accidents, injuries and criminal acts; and statistical analysis and federal compliance reporting. Ensure agency compliance on matters involving the Clery Act, Higher Educational Opportunity Act, and the Family Education and Privacy Act.  Plan, develop and execute a centralized asset inventory system to properly document, track, and manage department property.  Develop and implement cross disciplinary agency training matrix that outlines the department’s annual core, advanced, and leadership training objectives.  Schedule and meet with all UM-D executive managers, DPPS staff members, and related  community leaders to develop relationships and learn more about the department’s successes and future opportunities to achieve excellence.  Facilitate an “all-hands” meeting centered on information sharing and building of internal morale. Re-structure command staff meetings to meet operational objectives and develop
front office meetings to address administrative/budgetary related issues. Implement the department’s new less than lethal force policy governing the deployment and training of law enforcement issued Tasers.


Research and develop strategic plans to address data migration to a CJIS compliant records management system, computer aided dispatch module, and activation of a interoperable 800MHz police radio system on campus that is functional and reliable.
Provide recommendations, based on seasoned and experienced judgment, to navigate current union grievance issues and/or arbitration hearings.  Provide law enforcement advice, support and information to key leaders regarding public safety police and procedures that impact our campus and departments. As part of the UM-Dearborn leadership team, partner and assist to provide managerial and administrative oversight of the department. Serve as a member of the DPSS Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to support continuity
of operations as the campus safety network reaches across the University’s enterprise.




Public Affairs Officer GS-13
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Detroit Division(DE)
Timothy R. Slater, Special Agent in Charge, Detroit Division 313-965-3007
Conduct public affairs activities by providing direction and authoritative advice to FBI executives at Headquarters and in the field on methods and practices that will enable the FBI to better communicate its priorities and objectives. Establish and maintain effective relationships with the local media and other specialized groups. Plan and coordinate the dissemination of information relating to the FBI's programs, priorities, jurisdiction, and mission to the national and international news media, authors, motion picture, and television producers, and the general public on behalf of the Special Agent in Charge. Significant on-scene involvement supporting the FBI’s Evidence Response Team (ERT), Violent Crimes Task Force, and the Southeast Michigan Trafficking & Exploitation Crimes Task Force (SEMTEC).  Plan, organize, and manage special events that promote the mission, goals, and objectives of the Bureau. Identify and remain abreast of critical issues facing the Bureau. Evaluate and analyze this information ensuring appropriate management officials are familiar with significant and sensitive issues that arise out of press and other inquiries or events impacting the Bureau. Provide Bureau
Officials with authoritative and expert advice as to what action should be taken to resolve complex issues. Provide recommendations based on seasoned and experienced judgment for quick decision making in order meet fast–paced media inquiries and deadlines. Write and disseminate official communications to local and national media representatives. Release factual statements involving a complex array of sensitive issues. Establish and develop effective relationships with field media representatives and public affairs personnel of other Federal agencies. Also, represent the FBI on interagency committees and provides briefings to other agencies as to the Bureau's role in such activities as emergency situations. Develop and revise communication plans and policies. Provide expert and authoritative interpretation of Bureau media guidelines and procedures. Evaluate and analyze requests from the media to interview FBI officials, particularly those at the highest levels regarding topics that are of a sensitive and or controversial nature. Ensure that information provided in the interview is correct and materials provided are in accordance with regulations governing the dissemination of
information outside the Bureau. Organize and plan all aspects of press conferences held at FBI Detroit by the Special Agent in Charge and other Bureau officials.  Respond to all after-hour inquiries by local, national, and international media outlets. Provide media communications training to internal and external specialists regarding media inquiries, organization of press conferences, identification and analysis of media issues/policies. Responsible for compiling and editing material suitable for dissemination on the FBI World Wide Web Homepage.  Serve as a member of the FBI Detroit Division’s diversity recruitment outreach team connecting with a variety of multicultural communities throughout the State of Michigan. Provide leadership during no-notice complex attack table top sessions and
simulated emergency response exercises. Plan, organize, and execute best practices for activating a Joint Information Center (JIC) during active terrorism attacks/large scale crisis responses. Develop relationships among non-governmental organizations, diverse community groups, and/or private sector agencies to support overall mission accomplishments. 



Mission Support Analyst GS-12
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Detroit Division (DE)
David P. Gelios/Timothy R. Slater, Special Agent in Charge, Detroit Division 313-965-3007
Provide a wide range of analytical support to Field Office executives and program coordinators to help enable data and performance driven decisions within the office. Monitor ongoing performance across program areas. Evaluate and facilitate major program or project efforts to including Integrated Program Management (IPM) milestones. Oversee the Threat Rating Process (TRP) and the cascading of goals, objectives, and responsibilities. Interface with the FBI Headquarters program management, the Resource Planning Office (RPO) and field office executive management. Review threat and health measure requirements to ensure appropriate tracking methods are in place. Review the Consolidated Strategy Guide (CSG) and current Field Office performance to identify potential discrepancies, trends or requirements. Assist with the Threat Review & Prioritization process by coordinating meetings, clarifying roles, and providing historical insight with performance data such as accomplishments. Provide data-driven analysis on personnel resources necessary to accomplish
realignments, squad formations, and enhancement requests. Develop analytical products based upon the needs of executive managers to provide detailed analysis into accomplishment trends and internal performance targets. Present information at meetings and conferences with executive management; share data collected; and facilitate discussion to solicit feedback on future decision making. Act as the primary policy coordinator enhancing complex collaborations on a variety of operational and administrative directives. Coordinate a centralized institutional policy collaboration to identify potential conflicts and provide solutions to complex administrative and operational requirements. Collateral Duties: Provide support as a member of the Detroit Division’s compliance committee to ensure that all Bureau regulations are in fulfillment and providing facilitation of reporting all noncompliant matters to accomplish self-governance. Support outreach efforts as the FBI National Academy Program Coordinator to assist in the selection and orientation process for all new recruit candidates. Provide operational support on the movement of presidential appointees through the FBI’s
areas of responsibility.

Chief of Police
New Baltimore Police Department, New Baltimore, MI
John Dupray, Mayor, City of New Baltimore, MI 586-725-2151

Represent the City of New Baltimore, Michigan as its top law enforcement official from 2010-2015. Oversee all departmental operations, including multi-million-dollar budgets and the development, recruitment and assignment of more than 40 personnel, operated by land and sea on an international border. Translate operational and administrative functions into written policies, directives, and orders. Serve as an advisor to senior members of the municipal labor negotiations team. Identify, develop, and implement various work schedules aimed to support the core services necessary in maintaining a professional and responsive law enforcement agency. Facilitate regular command staff briefings that encourage participation for inter-agency problem solving, succession planning, and effective communication strategies toward unified goals and accomplishments. Serve as the department’s primary media specialist and public information officer. Maintain professional relationships with members of the local and national media outlets through both written and oral communications. Provide continual oversight of the maintenance and management of sensitive investigative information for
criminal, as well as, civil cases. Provided effective and professional communications that extend across traditional and emerging social networks. Design, execute, and administer public speaking engagements to raise public awareness on current crime trends and emergency preparedness topics. Coordinate sophisticated intelligence collection with the U.S. Border Patrol through the ongoing OPERATION STONEGARDEN GRANT seeking to enhance border protection by land and sea. Lead the department’s joint operational efforts by participating in two (2) federal task forces including the FBI’s Macomb County Child Exploitation Task Force and DEA’s Drug Tactical Diversion Squad-OAKLAND/DETROIT. Actively participate in the development and coordination of multi-agency emergency preparedness table-top/simulated exercises. Develop, through national collaborations, a set of comprehensive written model
policies addressing missing children, child exploitation and illegal narcotics. Coordinate a fully integrated data management system which bolster interoperability and security of information sharing with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Establish and maintain instant connections with the public through an engaging online social media presence using Facebook, Twitter and Crimedar. Design, develop, and launch an interactive agency website that is both informative and responsive in providing citizens with instant police resources and reporting options.

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