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Executive Director of the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards

David L. Harvey became employed as a police officer in 1980 with the City of Garden City after serving three years as a Military Police Officer in the US. Army. Throughout his career he served in patrol, narcot­ics investigations, as a firearm instruc­tor, detective, training supervisor, traf­fic services supervisor, and patrol shift commander. He held the ranks of Pa­trol Officer, Detective Sergeant, Lieu­tenant, and in 1999 he was appointed Chief of Police. 

Mr. Harvey served as the Chief of Po­lice of Garden City until his retirement in 2004. After a brief stint as the Chief of Police at Wayne County Metropoli­tan Airport, Mr. Harvey returned to Garden City late in 2004 to become City Manager. He served as the City Manager until September of 2010 when he was appointed as the Executive 

Director of MCOLES.  

Mr. Harvey enjoys teaching. and he presently serves as an adjunct professor of criminal justice at Madonna University and Ferris State University. Mr. Harvey received his Bachelor of Science degree at Madonna University, and he earned a Masters Degree in Public Adminis­tration at the University of Michigan, Dearborn

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